The Velocity Of Honey: And More Science Of Everyday Life

The Velocity Of Honey: And More Science Of Everyday LifePenguin Group Canada | October 31, 2006 | Trade Paperback

Why doesn't honey flow out in all directions across your toast? What's the science behind the theory of 'six degrees of separation'? How do stones 'skip'? When visiting a new place, why does getting there always seem to take so much longer than returning home?

In The Velocity of Honey, bestselling author Jay Ingram muses upon these and many more daily mysteries that puzzle and perplex. From mosquitoes to the Marvel Universe, baseball to baby-holding, Ingram's topics are diverse. He also makes startling connections. In some pieces, he relates anecdotes from the history of science and demonstrates their relevance to contemporary scientific debates. In others, he explores the science behind many of our proverbial expressions, common sayings such as 'time flies when you're having fun' and 'it's a small world after all.' In still others, he highlights intriguing links between the worlds of art and science.

Canadian Science Writer's Association: Science in Society Journalism Award: Shortlist 2003

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