The Science of Why

Answers to Questions About the World Around Us

Canadian Edition: Simon and Schuster. | November 2016 

The Science of Why by Jay IngramThere are science questions that just about everybody asks, like “Why is the sky blue?” Then there are questions that you don’t think to ask, but once you hear them you think, “Yeah, I’d like to know that”. And there are questions that would never, ever occur to you – but are still fascinating. The Science of Why tackles all three kinds, from “Why do onions make me cry?” to “Was Isaac Newton really inspired by an apple falling in his orchard?” Of course there are no guarantees that the question you wanted to ask is in there, but I am confident there are questions you hadn’t thought of that will still pique your interest, like, “Why does the moon look so huge when it’s at the horizon?” No, it’s not actually bigger or even closer. It’s an illusion! There are thirty-nine such questions in this book – complete with answers.

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