Theatre of the Mind

Theatre of the Mind by Jay IngramRaising the Curtain on Consciousness

HarperCollins Publishers Ltd | September 7, 2006 | Trade Paperback

Can we be conscious of our consciousness? What does consciousness feel like? Is it really a stream of steadily flowing thoughts, images and feelings, or something else altogether? What happens in those lapses during highway driving, in which you have no memory of the last 10 kilometres? How is it that most of what goes on in our brains is actually unconscious? And, in the end, do we even need our brain?

Jay Ingram, renowned science broadcaster and bestselling author, takes us on his most challenging and controversial journey yet—a look at the state of consciousness. Mixing science, philosophy, history and pop culture, Ingram transforms grey matter into a brilliantly hued, completely understandable exploration of what’s really going on in our conscious and unconscious minds.

Critical Praise for Theatre of the Mind

"Nothing's hotter these days than consciousness studies--and there's no better guide to the field's mysteries than Jay Ingram. With his trademark clarity and wit, Ingram takes us on a fascinating journey though the inner workings of the human mind, a rollercoaster of exploration and discovery. Not only will you enjoy this book, after reading it you'll understand why you enjoyed it--why you have any inner life at all. Highly recommended.